We are a small but capable all-volunteer department located in Laceyville, Pennsylvania serving the following areas:
  1. Laceyville Borough

  2. Braintrim Township
  3. Tuscarora Township
  4. Windham Township
  5. Meshoppen Township

About Us

Chief- Brian Yurgatis

Chief 5A- Paul Leatso

Chief 5B- Brad Fassett

Captain 5- Tyler Huffman

Lieutenant 5- Justin Owen

President- Richard Spencer

Vice-President- Nicole Ruhf

Treasurer- Courtney Salsman

Secretary- Lisa Bullock

Our Executive Officers

Our Line Officers

Laceyville Good Will Fire Company 


Back in 1905, the Company raised money in much the same manner as today and started off with plans for a July 4th dinner and celebration which was held on the Baptist Church Grounds. One of the committees appointed for this affair was a group to contact the merchants and ask them to close their stores that day. However, the celebration was postponed until August 9th because fire companies from surrounding communities could not participate on Independence Day and an important part of the celebration was a parade and drills in competition with other communities. The fire company’s celebration...

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Our History